Mom Reportedly Brings Loaded Gun Into School ... in Her Diaper Bag!

Kelly JonesFirst a school shooting in California. Now a loaded gun carried into a school in Philadelphia in a mom's diaper bag? When is this madness going to end?

According to Philly police, Kelly Jones had the .40-caliber Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun stashed where regular Janes and Jills stow the extra binky. But when a security guard at South Philadelphia High School confronted her about toting a weapon instead of wipes, cops say she leapt right into denial mode.


Apparently Jones was completely confused about how a gun full of bullets could have ended up in her diaper bag as she was about to walk into a school building. 

Hmm. Here's an idea: maybe because people in America are still so caught up in their right to bear arms because, gosh darnit, firearms, they make us safer! Because nothing makes you feel safer than a loaded gun that just so happened to make it into a school, right?

This story is so loaded down with disaster warnings that it's hard to pick just one to illustrate the need for gun control. Cops say this particular gun had been wiped of its serial number, and Jones didn't even have a permit. Oh yeah, and there's the little matter of it being carried into a SCHOOL building!

The good part in all of this is that the guards at South Philly High did their jobs. They were able to prevent the gun from making it inside and who knows what from happening.

But at the risk of downplaying their successes, I don't think that's enough. The risk of a loaded illegal gun being toted into a school should never have existed in the first place!

If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times: just because we have the right to bear arms does not mean that Americans have the ability to bear them responsibly. As long as these incidents keep happening, guns are putting more people at risk than they are saving.

Be honest: does this gun story really make you feel safer?


Image via Philadelphia Police

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