Attempted Suitcase Prison Escape Earns Inmate Dumbest Criminal of the Year Award

suitcaseSome plans are just doomed to fail.

Juan Ramirez Tijerina tried to escape from a Mexican prison by packing himself into a suitcase. You read that correctly. Forget digging your way out with a spoon or having a saw baked into a cake. Luggage was a better bet in his mind. It's creative, I will give him that. But alas, it failed and possibly destroyed the life of another person in the process. You've got to see the unbelievable images of this guy curled up inside that bag!


The attempted prison break went down during a conjugal visit with his girlfriend Maria del Carmen Arjona Rivero. Juan was four years into a 20-year sentence for illegal weapons possession and wasn't up for doing the rest of his bid.

He packed himself into the suitcase Maria brought along, undoubtedly dreaming of his freedom. Well, as she wheeled her man toward the prison exit, guards noticed how nervous she seemed and started eyeing the bulking-looking suitcase. They unzipped it to find Juan nestled inside. Of course now he's back in the clink and poor Maria has been detained. No word yet on what will happen to her, but she could be in big trouble for taking part in her man's dim-witted plan. Such a shame.

Even staff who thought they had seen it all were surprised by this crazy scheme. "This is rare," said a prison spokesman. "Most of the inmates here dig tunnels, try to jump fences, or take advantage of a riot to escape."

Check out the amazing footage of Juan stuffed inside the suitcase!

Can you believe he thought he could get away with this? Have you heard of an escape like this before?


Image via kurafire/Flickr

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