Robber Leaves Trail of Cheetos Behind Crime Scene & Suspect Gets Caught 'Orange-Handed'

cheetos robberThere's wrong, and then there's really wrong. Nineteen-year-old Austin Lee Westfall Pressler allegedly robbed $160 worth of beer, cigarettes, snacks, and energy drinks from a convenience store and it was really easy to catch him because he LEFT BEHIND A TRAIL OF CHEETOS. Apparently he punctured three or four bags of cheese puffs, and they scattered all over the floor, into the parking lot, and all the way to the place where he was staying.

Store manager Howard "Buck" Buckholz says, "He was very easy to catch. It was a very quick deal."

Dude, I just. Dude. That's pathetic. I bet he left little orange fingerprints everywhere, too.


By the way, did you notice Austin's not wearing a shirt in his mug shot? What's that all about? He's a young man with four names but no shirt and he left a trail of cheese puffs for the police to follow. Oh yeah, one other face-palm detail: While he only stole $160 worth of stuff, Buck claims he caused $2,500 worth of damage in the store. Infuriating!

But you know who I feel for the most? Well, I feel for poor Buck, the store owner. But the people I feel for the most are Austin's parents. Not only has their son been accused of a crime, it was a crime committed in a mind-bogglingly foolish way. Ugh, I would feel so frustrated and angry and disappointed!

Well, if Austin really is the genius behind this robbery (he's yet to be proven guilty), I hope he does some deep thinking about his life. It's time to leave his snack-robbing, store-damaging, Cheeto-scattering ways behind. There's no future in it.

Why do you think the robber would be so careless?


Image via Kershaw County Detention Center

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