A Lance Armstrong Doping Confession Must Be Looming if He’s Talking to Oprah (VIDEO)

Lance ArmstrongThis is probably going to sound unnecessarily cruel (hey, it's been a long week), but the two people I'm gonna talk about are really trying to stay relevant, it seems. Oprah Winfrey is going to soon broadcast an interview with Lance Armstrong, who recently had to forfeit a bunch of his titles and medals and records due to doping allegations.

And Oprah recently had to stoop so low as to interview the Kardashians to bring in the ratings.

Regardless, Lance promised Oprah a "no-holds-barred" interview. The segment will show them talking from Armstrong's home in Austin, Texas. And if you want to check it out, it should air on Oprah's Next Chapter on January 17 at 9 p.m. EST, and will be shown live on Oprah.com.

We all know that Lance has denied the allegations ever since they surfaced. But there's a new twist that might actually make viewers tune in. Or not at all.


It's been reported that Lance may actually consider confessing to using performance-enhancing drugs. Whatever you believe, all I can say is: FINALLY. And that'd be pretty huge in and of itself.

But I highly doubt Lance is gonna drop to his knees and confess to doping while chilling at his own house on Oprah. Still, if that's his plan eventually, it could be interesting to hear what he has to say since he can't sit there denying, denying, denying. On top of that, this interview supposedly lasts for 90 minutes. If he's not going to say how innocent he is and how wronged he was, what the heck is he going to talk about for that long without full-on confessing?

Honestly, I feel at this point, Lance really oughta admit to doping or simply go away. He's done so much good with his cancer charity, which he can always reflect upon as his lasting legacy. Now that his titles were officially taken away, I'm not sure what more he'd have to say or what else he can bring to the table besides the fact he's disappointed by everything that happened and darn you, USADA.

What a tumultuous career he's had, how divided people get when they talk about him, and whether you're under the impression that this is a witch hunt or he's been lying to us since the doping allegations broke -- at least for me, it's either give me some concrete answers or stay home, dude. Well, damnit, I guess he's technically staying at home during this interview, but I mean, get off my damn TV. Though, like I said, both are trying really hard to stay relevant, so hopefully we'll actually learn something new and enlightening from this interview. That is, if you care enough about all this to even watch it.

Here's more about Lance thinking about coming clean:


Do you think anything new or interesting will come out of this Oprah interview? Do you care any longer what Lance has to say?


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