James Holmes' Plan for Aurora Theater Attack Was Even Sicker Than We Thought (VIDEO)

james holmesWe're learning more about the sinister plan behind the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shootings now that the hearings have begun. Today prosecutors described the traps police found at Holmes' apartment. And the reasoning behind those traps is chilling.

FBI agent Garrett Gumbinner says Holmes told authorities that he was hoping the trip wires around his apartment would set off explosions that would distract police and delay them from reaching the theater during his attack. "He said he had rigged his apartment to explode or catch fire in order to send resources to the apartment rather than the theater," Gumbinner testified.


Inside Holmes' apartment, investigators found napalm, glycerin, and potassium permanganate, smokeless powder, and live rounds -- nearly a dozen explosive devices all strategically placed to cause chaos, explosions, and possibly heat and fire. The carpets were even soaked with gasoline.

And here's how it was all supposed to go down, according to investigators. Holmes set up a boom box outside his apartment to go off blasting music at a certain time. People would call to complain, sending police to investigate. Police would shut off the music and discover a remote-control car sitting in a plastic bag on top of the boom box. It was hoped that police would try to operate the car, which was rigged to the explosives indoors. The blasts and fire would send emergency resources to Holmes' apartment -- while Holmes was at the theater.

But of course, that's not what happened. Instead, Holmes was found outside the theater right after his attack. He told police about the trap when he was arrested.

As if the plan to shoot a theater full of people with semi-automatic weapons isn't sinister enough, delaying emergency responders from arriving at the scene so he could kill takes the sick plan down another level. But what does this evidence have to do with Holmes' mental state at the time? Some experts say you can thoroughly pre-meditate a crime even in a psychotic state. Right now the court is deciding whether there is enough evidence to move ahead with a trial. Holmes still has to enter a plea. And many suspect he will try to plead not guilty by reasons of insanity.

I still can't get over this idea that you can be too mentally ill to be responsible for the harm you do other people. I just can't accept that. But it's not up to me to decide Holmes' guilt. This depressing case is just getting started.

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Do you think Holmes will still try to plead not guilty?


Image via Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

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