Toddler Possibly Force-Fed Chili Powder as Punishment Has Died (VIDEO)

chili powderNo one in their right mind can imagine hurting a 2-year-old, but what California woman Amanda Sorensen, 21, allegedly did to her boyfriend's toddler is just so unfathomable, it'll make your skin crawl. Reportedly, Amanda fed the child chili powder until she seized and died.


Amanda's been arrested for child abuse resulting in death and is being held on $500,000 bond; she'll be arraigned later this week.

Here's the thing -- the use of the chili powder really creeps me out. To me, it just shows so much forethought and planning on behalf of the toddler's killer. Did she research household ways to kill a baby? Did she Google that or something? I mean, how would she know that chili powder could be used for evil?

And say the killer did, in fact, just want to allegedly "punish" the toddler with some hot chili on the tongue -- I'd assume that it'd only take a dot the size of two pen tips to make an impression on a 2-year-old. I just can't imagine how much chili powder the kid was forced to ingest so that her airways became swollen, she seized, stopped breathing, and died.

If, say, the overdose was accidental, wouldn't the killer have stopped at some point, realizing that the child was in danger? This method of alleged murder is just so cold-blooded. The victim probably suffered immensely as she suffocated. It doesn't seem like there was any mercy shown, or any emotion whatsoever, for that matter.

Anyone who's capable of such a thing should, and I know this goes without saying, pay for their crime. The way I see it, there's no way feeding a child chili powder to death could be an accident, but lucky for Amanda, it's not up to me, but rather the courts to decide.

Do you think this could've been an accident?


Photo via inggih slamet/Flickr

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