Teacher Charged With Sexual Battery of Student ... on Multiple Occasions in Her House!

kinsley wentzskyKinsley Wentzsky, a 34-year-old AP English teacher in South Carolina, was recently arrested after it had been suspected that she'd been having an affair with one of her 17-year-old students in her home. Police arrested Wentzsky and charged her with sexual battery on Friday after investigators learned that she allegedly had brought a male student home with her and had sex with him on numerous occasions. Wentzsky is married with two children, and if you're wondering if she's blonde and pretty like every other female teacher who seems to have an affair with their students, you'd be right. Wentzsky is absolutely adorable. And, if these allegations are true, a person with terrible, terrible judgment.


Police issued a warrant for her arrest after one of the parents of the student became suspicious and reported the relationship. Shortly thereafter, the student in question reportedly gave a sworn statement to police detailing the relationship (few of those details have been released though, you dirty bird, you). Turns out, this alleged "assault" has been taking place since last May. (I put assault in quotes, because I really don't think this dude was classifying what was going on with his teacher as assault -- especially after you see her.)

"Assault" aside, though, this woman made a bad, bad choice, man. If this is true, she chose to have sex with one of her students. That's a serious unbalance of power right there. Way more so than boss sleeping with an employee. I mean, teachers, aside from parents, are the people responsible for instilling good, smart values in kids. There is seriously something wrong with this picture. This dude may have had the time of his life with this woman, but there's bound to be something from this that's going to mess him up in the future. Bad move, teach. Baaaad move. 

And another thing: If Kinsley so desperately wanted this dude -- why not just wait until he was 18? I get passion doesn't always work like that, but if she would have just exercised a wee bit of will power, she could have avoided an arrest. Now she messed her family up for life and may go to jail. Bad times all around.

What do you think of this?


Image via Cali4beach/Flickr

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