Adam Lanza's Body Reportedly Shown Off by Morgue Staffer Before Autopsy

Adam LanzaThis country is full of some truly sick people. Take Jean Henry. She works for the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Or should I say worked? Henry has been suspended from her job as an administrative assistant for allegedly allowing her husband to sneak in to ogle at Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza's body.

What kind of people work at a medical examiner's office and think this is acceptable? No. Wait. What kind of people think this is acceptable?


Sources say the Henrys went into the room where Lanza's body was awaiting a post-mortem, unzipped the bag, and Jean's husband took a good long look at the shooter before they zipped it back up and walked away. At least it sounds like the body wasn't disturbed so much as used as a source of entertainment by a looky loo.

But even that is unsettling ... at best. We're still talking about a dead body here, someone who was once walking around and breathing. This isn't a movie. This isn't fun and games.

Look, we all know by know that Adam Lanza was the man responsible for the heinous murder of 27 people. His suicide in the middle of that school as police streamed in to save the children and school staff is -- to many -- the easy way out.

But he was still a human being, still the child of a man who eventually claimed his body for burial. If there's no respect for Lanza's humanity, shouldn't there have been respect at least for what his body represented to his family?

Do you think this medical examiner staffer should be fired for this breach? Would you have taken a look at Adam Lanza's body if given the chance?


Image via ABC

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