Pilot Catches Thief While Flying Over His Own House

cessnaWe've all heard the saying "crime doesn't pay," and one Florida thief just found out the hard way. Cops say Gary Robert Haines was robbing a house in Glades County when a plane flew overhead. Unlucky for Haines, the Cessna was being flown by pilot David Zehntner, the OWNER of the house!

Yeah, the pilot actually watched his own house being robbed. From the air! If you don't believe in coincidences, it's time to start.


This one is a beaut!

Naturally Zehntner followed the burglar in his plane as the guy drove off down the road with his (Zehntner's) stolen trailer and called the cops because -- unlike the guy who was robbing his place -- he's no idiot. They showed up and not only nabbed Haines on grand theft charges for taking the trailer, but impounded his truck plus loaded rifle and bullets found on the floorboard.

Ah karma, you're such a righteous beeyotch, aren't you?

I just wish we could broadcast this in the streets so that any would-be criminals can watch it and get the message drilled into their pathetic heads that you may THINK you're going to get away with it ... but you just never know who might be watching you, or where they're watching. And for the homeowners who are always a little on edge that someone might get stupid in this economy and try something, well, folks, here's your reminder that sometimes you will be in the right place at the right time.

I call this a good way to start off the new year, don't you? The good guys won!

All right, if you were this pilot, what would you have done?


Image via Simon_Sees/Flickr

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