'Pregnant' Teen's Boyfriend Allegedly Sat On Her Until She Suffocated

Oh, how I wish women would get away, far far away, from bad boyfriends. But, sadly, often they do not. And then it's too late. This particular story is bizarre and twisted enough to be the plot of a soap opera. A 19-year-old man, Benjamin Klinger, from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, is charged in the murder of his 17-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Heller. And it's possible he did it because he thought she was pregnant. But listen to how he did it -- your stomach is sure to churn.


Benjamin and Samantha were riding in a car along Route 283 when it's alleged that Benjamin suddenly sped up the car and got into a crash on purpose -- allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend. When she was still breathing after the crash, prosecutors say he sat on his girlfriend's head and torso until she died.

Samantha had been telling friends and family in the weeks before the crash that she was pregnant. But she'd also hinted that perhaps Klinger, her boyfriend, wasn't the father. Benjamin and Samantha apparently had a rocky on-off relationship and people described him as being jealous, controlling, and abusive.

After the crash, the man told police that his girlfriend had been stretched out in the back of the car because she was pregnant and more comfortable that way -- but forensics determined that he was lying and she was actually in the front seat. Also, that she didn't die from impact, but from asphyxia (suffocation) consistent with her being sat on.

The kicker is that the autopsy determined she wasn't pregnant after all -- which brings up a whole slew of questions. Was she faking the pregnancy to try and "keep" this winner in a relationship? If so, terrible move. Women will sometimes try to protect themselves from an abusive partner by getting pregnant, but this can backfire and the man becomes even more abusive.

And did she really tell people -- possibly even Benjamin himself -- that he may not be the father? Could that have been the motive? Or could Samantha have actually thought she was pregnant?

Rihanna might want to stay with a man who hit her, but other women should seriously think twice. Because abusive relationships are incredibly dangerous.

What do you think happened here?


Image via DigitizedChaos/Flickr

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