If Whitney Houston Was Murdered Over Huge Drug Debt, Her Story Becomes Even Sadder

whitney houstonCan't say I saw this coming -- a new report has emerged that claims Whitney Houston was murdered. A private investigator on the case says that the famed singer didn't die of an overdose, but was killed by thugs looking to collect on a drug debt. P.I. Paul Huebl asserts that Whitney's body had classic self-defense wounds and suggests that she was offed by men sent by the high-powered drug world. There might even be videotape of the killers entering her Beverly Hills Hotel room.

Whitney died in February and the autopsy report in March said she drowned after having a heart attack in the bathroom. Cocaine use was listed as a contributing factor. So how much did Whitney allegedly owe her drug dealers?


Huebl claims she was indebted $1.5 million. Ouch. That's a lot of cash, and a lot of cocaine, too. No wonder the dealers wanted their money. It's not like $1.5 million can be repaid with signed copies of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".

When it comes to Whitney, I feel like anything's possible. The story of her drowning in a tub after an overdose, excuse me, a heart attack, sounded about right, and this latest tale of her being murdered after running up a drug tab she couldn't or refused to pay also, well, sounds about right.

There may be a lot of mysteries surrounding Ms. Houston (not the least of which was what she saw in Bobby Brown), but when it comes to her substance abuse and a troubled private life, those sound like clear-cut certainties to me.

There's no doubt in my mind that drugs killed her -- it's just a matter of figuring out how. Did her heart stop because cocaine clogged her arteries? Or did it stop because someone killed her over the money she owed for said cocaine?

Huebl's taking his story to the FBI, so maybe we'll eventually find out the truth.

What do you think of this claim that Whitney Houston was murdered?


Photo via UggBoy/Flickr

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