Four Firefighters Shot After Being 'Lured' to Burning Home by Crazed Gunman

Two brave firefighers have lost their lives on Christmas Eve, reportedly due to a crazed gunman who opened fire on them with an assault rifle after firefighters responded to a burning building in upstate West Webster, New York. Firefighters were called to the scene of a burning home early this morning. Horrifically, the blaze seems to have been set as a "trap" to lure first responders to the scene, where they were then sitting ducks for a crazed shooter with a gun. Seriously, how low can people go?!


Four volunteer firefighters were shot at the scene, and reportedly two of them have died. "It’s a very dificult situation," said the Webster police chief in a press conference. Police have apparently located at least one gunman (it's unclear if there are more) who had a gun shot wound. They wouldn't say if that was self-inflicted or a result of crossfire with the SWAT team, who arrived to help fireman as they battled a blaze and were shot at.

Firefighters bravely continued to fight the blaze, which ultimately destroyed two homes, despite four of their men being shot.

So what exactly is the solution in this scenario? The NRA would say that armed security guards should accompany firemen on all of their calls, I'm sure. Orrrrrr maybe we could make it more difficult for people to have guns. You know, just a thought.

It takes a pretty repulsive person to shoot upon first reponders who are there to save you. Truly a cowardly and horrific act if I ever heard one. The NRA thinks the solution to criminals with guns is non-criminals ("good guys" in the words of NRA honcho Wayne LaPierre) with guns, then a) How are ALLLLL these criminals getting guns? Cause everyone who shoots an innocent person is a criminal, correct? b) People aren't generally considered criminals until they shoot an innocent person. If you think people walk into a gun show with a sign on their head saying, "I'm going to kill two firemen or 20 children" -- well, you'd be dead wrong.

Does this incident make you think about gun control?

* Update: The shooter has reportedly been identified as William Spengler, 62, who spent 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother in 1980.

* Update: The firemen were reportedly shot with a .233-caliber Bushmaster semiautomatic assault rifle. The same type used in the Newtown killings. As a convicted felon, Spengler shouldn't have owned a rifle; no word on where he got it.


Image via KiwiNZ/Flickr

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