14-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Kills Woman With Her Own Parents' Gun

You seriously have to wonder what the world is coming to. We hear more and more about young kids committing horribly violent crimes. Now here comes this story of a 14-year-old Tulsa, Oklahoma, boy who broke into a woman's home to rob it and ended up finding four guns in the residence. They were sitting there unlocked. And they must have been loaded with bullets. And what happened next doesn't take a genius to figure out.


The boy reportedly took her .22 caliber rifle and hid in the kitchen when he heard the woman come home. He reportedly told police that he then surprised the woman with the gun and brought her to another room. There, he shot her in the head.

This story is horrible in so many ways. First off, the woman this young boy killed, Mary Escue, was a wife and mother. Secondly, they weren't even her guns. She was visiting the home of her parents from out of town. Details are scarce, but the guns must have belonged to her parents. They probably had them for protection. The poor parents came home to find their visiting 47-year-old daughter dead in their house.

This is the main thing I don't understand about using guns for protection. If you are careful with them, as all gun owners claim they are, they are locked away and the key is hidden or the combination written down somewhere safe. Additionally, gun owners always say the guns are unloaded. So how, exactly, are you going to protect yourself if someone barges in? Do you really think you're going to have time to unlock your gun and load it? And yet, if you keep a loaded gun nearby, you are asking for all kinds of trouble, especially if there are children in the house.

This 14-year-old boy, Joshua Scott Mooney, is an eighth grader. An eighth grader!! The police questioned him with his mother there. The saddest thing is what the Jenks County police chief had to say: "It is a safe community, [we] want to convey that to the public. As you can tell by our crime stats, we don't see this type of crime here." Hm, why are four guns in the house if it's such a safe community?

Do you keep guns for protection?

Image via WillieLunchmeat/Flickr

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