Connecticut School Shooting Victims' Names Released & More Updates on the Newtown Tragedy

sandy hook school shootingThere are some more details coming in about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Now more than 48 hours after the horrific massacre that left 20 children and eight adults dead, the names of the victims, along with their ages some of their photos, have been released. The police held a press conference this morning that illuminated a plan for the continuing investigation (including where Sandy Hook kids are being sent to school tomorrow) and President Obama's visiting Newtown tonight. There's new information regarding the timeline of events, the shooter's possible motive, and, thankfully, there are also new tales of heroism to somewhat balance the mostly disturbing news. Here's a Sunday update on the school shooting. 

  • As I mentioned, the names of the victims, as well as some of their photos and statements given from friends and family members, have been shared with the media.
  • A video timeline of events explains what went down when.
  • All victims were shot, some as many as 11 times, and their deaths have been ruled as homocide. The medical examiner says it's the worst he, or any of his colleagues, have ever seen.
  • Police will not describe the assumingly horrific scene the first responders encountered.
  • Principal Dawn Hochsprung died lunging at the shooter as her burst into the school and headed toward them.
  • Teacher Vicki Soto, 27, died protecting her class from the shooter -- she shielded them from a spray of bullets.
  • The shooter reportedly shot and killed himself as soon as he heard the first responders inside the school, leading many to believe his rampage could have been worse had it not been for the speed of the police.
  • Police say they've found "good evidence" at the home of Nancy Lanza that might help explain suspected shooter Adam Lanza's motives. But, as of now, there's speculation that Nancy was a gun-loving, overwrought mother who took Adam to the shooting range, and that Adam was an unusual, withdrawn individual. Why, exactly, he decided to shoot up a kindergarten class is still unknown.
  • Adam's father is just as surprised by all of this as we are.
  • Vigils have been held in Newtown, as well as all over the state of Connecticut, and the nation. Hundreds packed into Newtown's St. Rose Church Saturday night in memory of the friends, family, and neighbors they lost.
  • Students of Sandy Hook elementary will reportedly be sent to a nearby elementary school starting tomorrow. No one's sure when they'll return to Sandy Hook.
  • Most recently, a church in Newtown has been evacuated due to unspecific threats.
  • There are ways to help: here are 5 online fundraisers to which we can contribute.

But even with all this information, the biggest question, the why, remains unanswered.

Do you have any updates to add to the list?


Photo via Mario Tama/Getty

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