Sandy Hook Shooting Is No Excuse for Gun Control

On Friday, psychopath Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother, then walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and killed 26 people, including 20 children, before killing himself. The tragedy is of mind-boggling proportions, and our whole country is grieving over it. We all are hugging our kids a little bit tighter and thinking to ourselves, that could have been my family.

Then just like clockwork, the anti-gun zealots come out and point to this as a valid reason for the government to limit the size, type, and quantity of firearms free citizens may own. I get it. I really do. I’d be as anti-gun as anybody if I believed that guns killed people. I’d be terrified of spoons too if I thought they made me fat.


A weapon is a tool. It doesn’t go around by itself shooting things up anymore than a knife goes around stabbing people. It’s only when these things are in the wrong hands that we have problems. Bad things happen when bad people are involved, whether guns are used or not.

The argument that we need to limit the number of guns available to criminals by limiting the number of guns law-abiding citizens may own is invalid. I don’t think the insane murderer who shoots up children and teachers and then kills himself cares if owning a gun is illegal or not.

Just because the gun used in this massacre was legally obtained by Adam Lanza’s supposedly “gun enthusiast” mother does not mean that we need stricter gun laws. Citizens need to be able to protect themselves with the same type of weaponry that may be used against them.

Guns exist. That technology is never going to go away. The only thing that would be accomplished by making guns harder to get or outright banning them would be to take away law-abiding Americans’ right to defend themselves from harm as they see fit.

Again and again, we see how guns in hands of the good guys minimizes gun-related crime. Instead of talking about banning guns, why don’t we talk about training and arming teachers or administrators in schools? Or having armed security guards present to protect the children against people like Adam Lanza?

If we’re going to politicize a terrible crime like this, can we at least talk about options that have been proven to work?

Do you think stricter gun control laws would have prevented this tragedy?


Image via another_finn/Flickr

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