Shooter Reportedly Kills His Mom in Addition to the School Victims

NewsThe news coming out of Newtown, Connecticut, today just keeps getting more terrible, and now we've learned that the suspected shooter, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, shot and killed his own mom, in addition to countless children and adults. While reports first claimed that Lanza gunned down his mom, Nancy Lanza, who was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, in her kindergarten class, we are now hearing conflicting reports that Nancy's body was actually found dead in Adam's home. Either way Nancy Lanza is confirmed dead, likely at the hands of her own son.

We still don't really know anything about Adam Lanza or what could have possibly possessed him to go to the Sandy Hook Elementary School -- the same school he attended as a boy -- and murder innocent children and adults. I am incapable of feeling that kind of hatred. Especially for my own mother.


Today started out as a normal Friday morning. I got some coffee. I took the subway. Then I saw the news. It probably started out like any other Friday for all of those victims and their families too.

Every piece of new information about this shooting is more heartbreaking. More tragic. It just keeps piling up and snowballing into a giant ball of sadness for all of the parents, families, and friends of the children who were so cruelly slain in a place they were supposed to be safe. And for the six adults murdered as well. How Lanza could have done any of it is ... it's a complete mystery. 

I can't let myself imagine what it was like in that classroom. What those children saw in their last minutes alive. Or what kind of hatred led this young man do commit such heinous, unspeakable crimes.

I wish I could hug my mom right now.

Why do you think Lanza targeted his mother?


Image via Jennifer Lawinski

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