Woman Smuggles Cocaine in Breast Implants & Barely Lives to Tell the Tale

cocaineIn today's episode of Why You Shouldn't Become a Drug Smuggler, I give you this horrific story. A woman was busted for smuggling 1.3 kilos of cocaine. IN HER BREASTS. That's about three pounds. A plastic bag of cocaine was surgically inserted into each of her breasts like mother-lovin' breast implants. And oh my god, I hope you are not reading this while you eat your lunch.

(BUSTED -- you see what I did there? Never mind. I didn't say that. Moving right along.)

Police in a Barcelona airport spotted the Panamanian woman disembarking a plane from Colombia, of course. They say she was "acting funny," and you would act funny, too, if you had half a kilo of coca sewn into your chest. But seriously, the details in this story just get sad.


When police searched her, they found a blood-soaked bandage around her chest, which she tried to explain away as just a boob job that hadn't healed correctly -- and she was partly right. But she eventually confessed. Thankfully she was rushed to a hospital right away, or she might have died from the sloppy surgery. One of the policemen said, “She was in a very bad state when she arrived. She said she was not in any pain but the wounds looked very bad.”

Okay, so that's totally insane. But usually the smuggler, or mule, is the lowest person on the drug operation's totem pole. Whoever this unfortunate woman is, she probably didn't have many prospects in life or she wouldn't be letting men cut her open and cram coke under her skin, for crying out loud. She may have even be threatened with her life.

So I hope they don't send her back because she'll probably just be murdered when she gets home. And I hope they find the barbarians who did this to her. Those are the real criminals in this ghastly story.

What do you think will happen to this woman?


Image via maHidoodi/Flickr

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