Father Carves Pentagram Into 6-Year-Old Son's Back Because 'It's a Holy Day' (VIDEO)

pentagram dadApparently 12-12-12 has different meanings for different people. Some associate today's date with "intuition and peace." Others associate it with the Mayan calendar and the end of the world. Still others, like Brent Troy Bartel of North Texas, associate 12-12-12 with carving a pentagram into their 6-year-old son's back. Because, as he told police, 12-12-12 "is a holy day."

It's a sick, twisted, stomach-turning story that makes me want to tie this horrible man down and carve a pentagram into his cowardly face, that's what it is. And it only gets worse.


Apparently Bartel called 911 himself, telling the dispatcher “I shed some innocent blood," adding, "I inscribed a pentagram on my son." Meanwhile, the boy's mother was also calling 911 from her next door neighbor's house, screaming that her husband hurt her son. So when police showed up, the poor kid was all by himself in the house with his insane dad, wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms, shivering with cold and fear. The pentagram covered most of his back, so even though the cuts -- thought to be made by a box cutter -- were shallow, there was "quite a lot of blood." Some of which Bartel had taken and smeared on the door frame of his front door.

Sigh. Thank god the boy is now in stable condition and his monster of a father is in police custody, but WHY WHY WHY does this kind of thing happen at all?! On any day of any month in any year?!

How do you think this horrible dad should be punished?

Image via CBS

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