7-Year-Old Accused of Car Jacking Woman With a Loaded Gun Is Never Going to Be Normal

car jackingAn 11-year-old and his 7-year-old friend from Oregon are accused of car jacking a woman with a loaded gun. And yes, you read that correctly. These children had a loaded gun. And they tried to steal a car. What. The. Hell?

The 22-year-old woman Ami Garrett says she was afraid for her life. It's understandable. But I have to think if two children this young tried to car jack me, my first thought would be to laugh. I mean, it's absurd, right? They can't drive. They probably can't even reach the pedals. And yet, it was very real.

These children couldn't even go to jail they are so young. They just went home. The whole thing is so awful and, worst of all, these are just kids. What happens to them now?


In many ways, violent kids are scarier than violent adults. They have no sense of the consequence of their actions AND they have a loaded gun. It's unclear where these boys got the loaded gun, but living with a 6-year-old myself, I can truly say kids this age have no sense of death.

My daughter has never seen a gun, naturally, but if she had, I am sure she wouldn't understand the magnitude and what she could do with it. This is why kids don't handle guns. They are too young to get it.

Accidental shootings are tragic enough, but this was no accident. These boys had intent to kill. It's chilling.

Can children like this grow up and be normal? I'd love to say yes and that I believe people, especially children, can grow and change. But I don't necessarily think that is true. A child growing up in a home where he even has access to a loaded gun and knows what to do with it isn't really going to have a chance.

But how does this get punished? These kids were too young to even go to a juvenile facility. It's a hard call. Obviously a 7-year-old can't be tried as an adult, but he also allegedly did rob a woman at gun point. So what then?

The whole thing is just depressing. These kids never had a chance to be normal. Maybe the assumption is that kids that start this young eventually end up in the adult system anyway. And it's probably a correct assumption. How terribly sad.

How do you think juveniles this young should be punished?


Image via srwsrwuk/Flickr

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