Man Accused of Stealing Ex's Engagement Ring & Giving It to Wife to Save His Marriage

engagement ringIf your relationship is on the rocks, and you want to make it up to your S.O., do you A) talk it over, maybe go to couples' counseling, B) get them some fancy new bling, or C) steal an ex's engagement ring and gift it to your spouse? Apparently a Pennsylvania man named Donald Albritton thought he'd go with option C. No joke!

Local news reports say Albritton initially went to his ex-girlfriend, Megan White's house on Thanksgiving to thank her for not filing a police report against his teen daughter, who was believed to have stolen Ugg Boots and a Juicy Couture bracelet from White. But then, when White took off her engagement ring to make Thanksgiving dinner, Albritton picked up the ring and walked away with it, witnesses told police. According to police reports, Albritton decided to give White's ring to his wife in an effort to "patch up his marriage." Insaaaaaane! Wow. You can't make this stuff up, folks.


So, the guy obviously has issues -- and is being charged with one count of theft for this incident, on top of charges of simple assault, criminal attempt to commit robbery, criminal conspiracy, and robbery in an unrelated incident from November 11, when city police said he punched a man in the face, threw him over a bike rack, and took his cellphone. What the ...?!

Though I can't think anyone in their right mind would do what this guy did to try to make amends with their spouse, let's talk about other crazy things people do try but will never work in a million years ...

  1. Being passive-aggressive. When you say everything's a-okay just to avoid confrontation, but it's really not. And so you continue to take things out on your partner with snippy remarks or simply being in a grouchy mood.
  2. Texting an ex. Or playing Words With Friends with an ex. Or Gchatting an ex. Thinking it might make them jealous and want to be with you even more is just plain nuts. Bottom-line is communicating with an ex is never gonna help smooth things over with your love bunny! Don't believe me? Ask Kristen Stewart ...
  3. Buying him/her "stuff" (a watch, flowers, candy, etc.). Showering your beloved in material goods -- even ones that weren't stolen -- is not the most solid way to get back into your honey's good graces.
  4. Surprise them in a crazy way. Like using the key they don't remember you have to cook them a meal in their kitchen.
  5. Incessantly calling or texting. Nothing says stalker like this one!

What's the craziest way someone's tried to make up with you?

Image via base2wave/Flickr

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