4,600 Sexualized Photos of Missing Mom Susan Powell Found on Her Father-in-Law’s Computer

steven powellSusan Powell disappeared three years ago today, and her husband Josh killed himself and their sons last February, but police are still looking for answers. One of their discoveries is especially disgusting: Thousands of photos of the missing Utah mom, believed to be taken without her knowledge or consent, have been found in her father-in-law Steven Powell's house.

Steven admitted in his journals to spying on Susan under bathroom doors. He was found guilty on charges of voyeurism and child pornography in September, but he hasn't been charged of any crimes in connection with images of Susan. Not yet, anyway. But now that police have released the 4,600 photo files (plus video, ugh!), Steven looks even more responsible for something relating to Susan's disappearance.


None of the photos are nude -- thank goodness for that, at least. But many of the photos zoom in on parts of Susan such as her crotch and her bottom. They seem to suggest that Steven obsessively photographed Susan while she did chores around the house or ran errands, pretty much any chance he could get.

Shudder. That is SO creepy! Can you imagine? That's just ... ugh, poor Susan. 

Steven has been "uncooperative" with the police in their investigation. And with Josh and the boys gone, I wonder if we'll ever find out what really happened to Susan. As it is, we're left to just imagine what must have happened.

Did Steven kill Susan because he couldn't have her? And did Josh then help cover up the murder? Or did Josh learn about his father's obsession and kill his wife? Did he think his wife had an affair with his creepy father? Will we ever know? More important, will there ever be justice for Susan Powell's apparent murder?

Do you think the photos found at Steven Powell's house make him look more guilty of something related to Susan's disappearance?


Image via Pierce County Jail

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