Sex Offender Working at Daycare Reportedly Abused Kids as Young as 8 Days Old

John BurbineIt's every mother's nightmare. She drops her kid off at daycare, and a sex offender somehow gets a hold of them. Only in Massachusetts, there is no mystery to how John Burbine had access to children. His wife, Marian Burbine, opened a daycare center and employed her husband, even though cops say she knew that he was a convicted sex offender and had been the subject of child sex abuse allegations several times over the years.

Now John Burbine is facing charges for allegedly abusing 13 different kids at the Waterfall Education Center over the years. The kids ranged from as young as 8 days old to just 3 1/2! That's the sort of depraved thing that happens when you let the fox into the henhouse.


Police don't think Marian Burbine was aware of the alleged abuses, but let's get real here. There's ample evidence that pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated. It sounds like she put innocent children at risk just to make a few bucks.

The cops have so far only charged Marian Burbine with operating an unlicensed daycare (funny thing, that you don't tend to be able to get a license if you've got a pedophile working with kids). John Burbine, on the other hand, has been charged with 40 counts of aggravated forcible rape of a child for incidents that occurred over a two-year period at the daycare. Police say John Burbine videotaped himself violating these innocent children.

I can't help but hope this isn't the end of the charges. 

Marian Burbinee may not have violated any kids, but that hardly makes her the innocent here. She opened a daycare with a convicted sex offender. That makes her nearly the monster that her husband seems to be.

Do you blame the wife here? Or is this all on the shoulders of John Burbine?


Image via Middlesex District Attorney's Office

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