College Student Allegedly Poisons Roommate Over Dirty Dishes & We Know What's Next!

dirtydishesIt's like a cheesy 80's movie: Couple of college students move in together. Two girls. One is just your average undergrad, the other is ... a little bit off, perhaps. She's really cool at first, but then she starts doing weird stuff like copying the normal girl's hairstyle and freaking out over the littlest things. One day it's the empty toilet paper roll, the next day it's the sinkful of dirty dishes. It's your turn! No, it's your turn! Then all of a sudden the sketchy roommate is acting super, super sweet. Hey, I'm sorry I snapped at you, she says to the normal roommate. Let me make you a nice glass of iced tea.



Oh, but 20-year-old Emily Joseph DID drink the iced tea. Prepared for her by 19-year-old roommate Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, just the way she likes it ... with extra spray bleach! Allegedly.

According to Michigan State Police, Bonkowski sprayed bleach into Joseph's iced tea following an argument over dirty dishes because Joseph is "mean." She reportedly had no problem admitting her misdeed, going so far as to state "she knew that spraying the bleach was a serious thing." Hey, at least she's honest.

Bonkowski was arrested after Joseph (who was treated for bleached tea ingestion and released) filed a complaint against her fellow Central Michigan University student. Bonkowski's arraignment is scheduled for December 10. Maximum sentence? 15 years in prison.

I think we all know where this is going, don't we? If Bonkowski ends up in the slammer for 15 years, Joseph better be prepared for a sequel. Oh, sure, Bonkowski will look different ... she might be wearing a wig or have a prosthetic nose. But if Joseph takes out a classified ad looking for a new roommate, she would be wise to look very, very closely at any applicants. Especially if they offer to make her iced tea!

Does this story remind you of a movie?


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