Father & Daughter's Incestual Relationship Produces Child/Sibling/Grandkid (VIDEO)

I seriously don't know how this story could get any more skeeve-inducing, folks. A father and daughter have been arrested. Because they had a CHILD together. Yes, this is illegal. (FYI.) The father/daughter/mother/father pair were not only having a sexual relationship, but had filmed a porno together -- only this time the woman, 23-year-old Tiffany Hartford, was reportedly having sex with another woman. Her dad/lover, 46-year-old George Sayers, allegedly videotaped and sold it. Bejeebus, this is gross.


Tiffany and George deny they knew they were related, but authorities don't believe them. And DNA testing proved that their child (sibling/grandchild) was theirs. They have been charged with third degree sexual assault, obscenity, and conspiracy to commit obscenity. The last two charges are related to the porno, which was made when Tiffany and the other woman involved (her ex-girlfriend) were only 16. However, it's not child pornography because they were old enough at the time. (Apparently 16 is the age of consent for pornography in Connecticut, where the couple live. FYI.)

The sexual assault charges are related to the incest. I'm not an expert on incest (thank god), but most states have laws about incest whether or not it's consensual, which apparently this was. Reportedly Tiffany introduced her father to her ex-girlfriend (the one in the video) as her "husband/father." Confused yet?

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of other information here. Did these two grow up together? Was this something that had gone on from the time Tiffany was a child?

George Sayers reportedly told police at one point that he believed Tiffany was the offspring of his deceased brother. Which still makes it pretty gross. But cops aren't buying it because Tiffany's ex-girlfriend told them about her introduction to George as her "husband/father." Plus, a relative reportedly told police about the pair having an affair and that they were father/daughter. Shudder.

This isn't the first time we've heard about a consensual father/daughter relationship that produced a child. Only in the last case, the child was aborted. Not so with Tiffany and George. The baby is apparently a boy, at least if the picture of him wearing a shirt saying "boys are just better" is any indication. Presuming that is their kid. The Daily News credits Facebook for the photo.

So I'm going to ask the usual here: Is it better to put these two away, and the kid to grow up without parents? Or is the kid better off away from such parents? It does beg the question that if the father has no issue with having sex with his own daughter, what kind of father is he going to make to his son/grandson? However, while there are long-held taboos about "inbreeding" and it's best to mix DNA lines, there's no absolute proof that a child of incest will automatically be malformed or have health issues.

Should two adults ever be arrested for having consensual sex -- even if they're related? Discuss.


Image via Fox News CT

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