Man Allegedly Shoots Girlfriend Because She Doesn't Believe in Zombies

Here's a tip, everybody: If you're watching The Walking Dead with your boyfriend and he's insistent that a zombie apocalypse could actually happen -- just go on 'head and let him believe it. That, at least, is the advice one woman should have taken when she got into a heated debate with her Walking Idiot boyfriend about the possibility of a real zombie takeover. The man, Jared Gurman, is accused of shooting his girlfriend following a heated debate over whether zombies could really walk the Earth. He was on the side of, Yeah, dead people can walk. She was on the side of, You're a loon. This is one argument that didn't end well.


After their zombie debate, Gurman's girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, decided not to spend the night as his place. But they continued their asinine argument via text message.

Then Jessica made the almost-fatal mistake of going to her BF's place in the wee hours of the morning to check on him (and possibly to make her point -- AGAIN). It was there that Gurman met her at the door with a rifle and shot her. Said a cop:

He felt very adamant there could be a military mishap that would result in some sort of virus being released that could cause terrible things to happen. She felt it was ridiculous. He’s passionate about it. And it escalated from there.

Perhaps Jessica's first clue that her BF was off the rails about zombies could have been his Facebook page. Reportedly, his "favorite quote" is: "When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth. The living won’t have a prayer cause it’s the dawn of the dead."

That's one helluva red flag waving in the wind, right there. Though I guess Gurman could be forgiven for being so insistent considering all of the media lately about "zombies." But, ya know, no excuse for shooting your girlfriend.

Luckily, Jessica was not killed and is recovering in a local hospital. And, hopefully, she gets a new boyfriend. One who likes walks on the beach, laughing, and doesn't believe in zombies.

Do you think a zombie apocalypse is possible?


Image via Michael R. Perry/Flickr

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