Jovan Belcher 911 Tape Makes the Heartbreak & Horror So Much Worse (LISTEN)

jovan belcherDetails about Jovan Belcher, the 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs linebacker who shot and killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins before killing himself, continue to emerge. And each is more horrifying than the last. First, we learned that Belcher and Perkins, sadly, left a 3-month-old baby girl behind. Then we learned Belcher kissed Kasandra after she died. And now there's the 911 tape. The god-awful 911 tape that has his mother, Cheryl Shepherd, screaming into the phone. That poor woman. Could you imagine having to make this phone call?


Here's the audio if you'd like to listen to it. Warning: It's pretty upsetting.


You can hear the anguish in her voice: "Oh my God. Oh my God, Cassie ... The baby is crying ... get the ambulance here please!" Just awful.

This whole thing is absolutely horrifying. A tragedy that didn't have to happen. A poor girl was murdered for no reason. A man took his own life. A baby is left an orphan. And now we find out that the mother of the person who caused this whole thing had to make the 911 phone call -- turning the person she gave birth to in.

I truly don't know how this could possibly get any worse for anyone.

What do you think of this?

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