Woman Beats Up Boyfriend Over Bad Sex

One woman didn't get off. Twice. A Florida woman (always Florida ... sigh) was arrested after she attacked her boyfriend because he orgasmed and she did not. I know, ladies, these selfish lovers are the worst. Police say that the woman, Raquel Gonzalez, and her live-in boyfriend, Esric Davis, had just finished making love (or he had finished anyway) and when he climaxed and she didn't, she didn't take it too well. She began "hitting and scratching [Davis], causing scratches near his eye and nose." She was arrested. Bad sex can be criminal, I tell ya.


Hm, I get the feeling this wasn't the first time Gonzalez was left frustrated. She went off because she didn't get off -- again. You just know this dude ain't no Christian Grey in the sack.

Now, I'm not suggesting it was okay for Gonzalez to attack her careless, selfish lover. But it would be nice if we ladies had some recourse for bad intercourse. Like maybe he could be sentenced to sex lessons or something.

My guess is that it wasn't the lack of an orgasm that caused Gonzalez to come -- unglued. But rather the power dynamic in the relationship, where the man got what he wanted and showed no concern for her. Look guys, we can't orgasm the way you can. Y'all can orgasm with an inflatable doll. Yes, we can masturbate, but if there's another live human being involved, we need you to actually work a little a bit. Listen to us. Ask what we like. Explore with us. Read some books. Something!!!

A lot of people are going to say abuse is abuse, and that's true. There is no excuse for abuse. But Gonzalez also says she has scratches from where her boyfriend tried to "restrain" her. And apparently alcohol was involved in the fight. I know, shocker.

Ladies, if he consistently shows no concern for you in the bedroom,  then move on. He probably won't show much consideration for you anywhere else.

Have you ever had a selfish lover and gotten angry?

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