Teens Charged With Killing Soccer Referee After Game

soccerIn what's one of the more disturbing news stories of the day, three teens, ages 15 and 16, allegedly killed a volunteer soccer official after an amateur game recently. The official was 41-year-old father Richard Nieuwenhuizen, and according to the Globe and Mail, he "was doing what he loved: Watching his son play soccer and helping out his local club by running the touchline as a volunteer linesman." The three boys are set to appear before a judge on Thursday on charges of manslaughter after they allegedly seriously assaulted Nieuwenhuizen. They're, understandably, banned for life in their soccer league, as well, if found guilty.


I mean, killing a soccer referee -- wow. Almost sounds too insane to be true. Should be too insane to be true. Being that the boys are all minors, details about them and how the incident went down remain scant, but I'm assuming the attack stemmed from calls made during a game. A stupid game.

I'm aware that soccer is basically life where the incident took place, and that rabid sports fans exist everywhere, but there needs to be a line, an understanding. Killing a sports official, or even assaulting a sports official, is wrong, plain and simple. I know it's easier said than intellectualized, but -- it's just a game. This needs to be instilled from a young age.

If they're found guilty, these three boys have completely ruined their entire lives because of this -- as well as the life of another family. No sport is worth that. Not even for a second.

What do you think of this?


Image via thebuffafamily/Flickr

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