Parents Reportedly Beat Son & Head to Theme Park While He’s Hospitalized

Roland Dow, Jessica Linscott
Roland Dow and Jessica Linscott
There is little in this world that strikes me as worse than parents who hurt their kids. But Roland Dow and Jessica Linscott have topped even that. Cops arrested the parents of a little boy fighting for his life while they were at Universal Studios in Florida. The boy? Oh yeah, he was way back in their hometown in New Hampshire.

Yes, you got that right. These "parents" were tearing it up at a place made to put smiles on children's faces and meanwhile their little boy had been burned and beaten so badly he was in a hospital clinging to life hundreds of miles away.


Surprised that Dow (who is Linscott's boyfriend but not the boy's actual father) and Linscott are now accused of beating and burning their little boy, which is why he was in the hospital in the first place?

Of course you're not. There is a certain kind of person that would abandon a child when they need their parents most. They're the type with hearts hard enough to actually hurt a child.

Cops say Dow and Linscott have claimed that their little boy's injuries were all self-inflicted. But even if they were, I can't imagine taking off for two weeks while my child was in the hospital. I'd quit my job if I had to. I'd sell my soul to be there. I wouldn't leave town. I certainly wouldn't make it so no one could contact me. I can't imagine any normal person would.

And to go to a theme park? It simply adds insult to injury. It's so callous, these parents don't deserve the title of parents.

Does the theme park bit in all of this bother you? What should be the punishment if these parents are convicted?


Image via Orange County, Fla., Corrections Department

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