Dad Killed Wife & 3 Kids So He Could Live in the Woods (??!!!)

We write about a lot of tragic stories here at The Stir. But I think they serve a purpose. These stories say, Don't let it get to this point. Get help. Talk to someone. Change your life. Do anything, in fact, but what is reported here in this story! And this one is sadly no different. Computer security expert Christopher Vaughn, 37, has been sentenced to life in prison after he killed his wife and three children, ages 12 to 8, while on a family road trip. Prosecutors alleged he did it because he wanted to start a new life, living in the woods of Canada. And his family stood in the way.


Christopher's wife, Kimberly Vaughn, 34, and their three kids, Abigayle, Cassandra, and Blake, were taking a family trip to an Illinois water park. At some point, Christopher shot each child in the head and chest as they were still buckled into the back seat. But first, they witnessed their dad shoot their mom in the face.

What could drive a husband and father to such a barbaric act? Prosecutors painted a picture of a frustrated suburban husband who wanted to chuck the modern world -- the cellphones, the computers, the TV -- for the life of a cabin recluse in the Canadian wilderness. But his life as a family man and professional in the Chicago suburbs stood in his way. As the prosecutor, Chris Regis, said:

He was held back by four major obstacles. Those four obstacles were eliminated on June 14, 2007.

Certainly abandoning your family and running off to live in a cabin in the woods wouldn't have been easy -- or even looked on very well by anyone -- but executing them instead?! This is really not the answer. How about living part-time in the woods? Or how about forgetting that whole "the grass is greener" woods fantasy, concentrating on your life, figuring out what is making you so unhappy (trust me, it's not your kids), and then doing something about it?!!

This story is just too tragic for words. Four innocent, trusting, loving lives snuffed out because some guy is having a mid-life crisis.

Does this story make you angry? Have you ever felt like chucking it all?


Image via Will County State Sheriff's Office

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