Mom Admits Stuffing 3-Year-Old Son's Body Into Trash Bound for the Dump (VIDEO)

emillianoSunday at 5:00 p.m. a desperate-sounding mother called 911 to report that her 3-year-old son had vanished from a Cleveland playground. The next day, police found the boy's body at a waste treatment plant -- and that mother was arrested.

It all happened quickly. Police and the FBI set about searching for the boy immediately. While searching the family's neighborhood, someone noticed a garbage truck leaving the home and thought the worst. They tracked down the truck and discovered the body of a boy matching the description of little Emilliano Terry. It was some fast, smart detective work. Did the news offer welcome closure for Emilliano's mother, Camilia? Or is she worried because she knows something? 


It doesn't look like Camilia has been charged with anything yet, but police say her stories were inconsistent. And worse, when she failed a polygraph test, she admitted that she was the one who disposed of her son's body in the garbage bag.

It seems almost cruel to arrest a mother who, one day earlier, was sobbing with panic to 911 operators. If she's telling the truth and was the one to dispose of her son's body, that still doesn't necessarily mean she was the one who killed her son. But it does look likely that she knows what happened -- and she needs to come clean soon if someone else was involved.

Police may be saving two other lives by arresting Camilia. She has two other children who have been placed with family services. If Camilia had been responsible for her son's death, there's a chance she could be a danger to her other two children. Whatever really happened, separating Camilia from her family sounds like the wisest move at the moment.

Do you think the boy's mother killed him, or do you think she was covering up for someone else?

Image via ABC News

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