Two People Shot Outside Walmart As Black Friday Madness Continues (VIDEO)

I was waiting to see when someone would pull a gun and shoot someone on Black Friday. I didn't have to wait long. A man and a woman were reportedly shot outside a Walmart in Tallahassee, Florida this afternoon. Luckily, the couple do not have life threatening injuries. The man who shot them, who reportedly might have been with a woman, then took off in his car. He remains at large.

We're not super-surprised by this, are we?


One witness to the shooting said she was waiting in line to make a return when chaos broke out and people started running and she heard shots being fired. She said: "Everybody started trying to find a place to hide."

Police have not yet revealed the details of the shooting or what may have caused it but I can just say? Black Friday. Walmart. You do the math. Not exactly the first time we've heard about something like this.

You have to wonder what made this guy go off. Did he not get the last flatscreen TV on sale? Did someone cut off his parking space? Everyone, we have come to a serious crisis of the soul in this country. You see such good people can do after something like Hurricane Sandy. And then you just see this idiocy over THINGS. Things! Things that you will enjoy for approximately half an hour before you become bored with them. Things that will distract you from the emptiness of your life for a little while before you realize that THING did nothing to fill the void. What the what?!!

However, it appears perhaps this shooting may not have been directly related to Black Friday, since it reportedly occurred after the sale ended at 7 a.m. A Walmart spokesman said:

We’re cooperating with the Tallahassee Police Department and working with them in hopes of identifying who did this. The safety of our customers and associates is always a top priority for us.

Hm, perhaps the only way to guarantee the safety of customers is to stop Black Fridays! Kind of like how general admission is a thing of the past at rock concerts after various stampedings. Maybe this country is too immature to handle big retail sales. Meanwhile, you can watch this BF mob scene caught on video in Georgia.

What do you think of Black Friday madness?


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