Woman Says God Told Her to Drive 100 MPH

speeding carThere are lots of reasons people speed. Some are rushing to the hospital to give birth. Some are late for job interviews. Others are just jerks who put people's lives in danger for the thrill of driving fast. Melissa Miller, however, says she was speeding because God told her to.

God as in Him. Yes, that Guy. Miller, who lives in Florida (the state that continues to supply the world with an abundance of insane stories) was driving her silver Toyota south on US 1 in Fort Pierce at 1 a.m. when the cops pulled her over for speeding, horn blowing, and waving her arms out the window. You won't believe what she told the cops ....


"I was letting the Lord's spirit guide me. The Lord was telling me to do it," Miller said according to the officers. I know the Lord doesn't always follow the rules exactly but the speed limit was 55 and when the cops first tried to pull her over, she went faster nearing running off the road and swerving across lanes. Lord knows, she could've caused a major accident.

I'm wondering what God is telling Miller now after she was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail. Do you think He paid out the $375 bond needed to free her? This isn't her first sin either -- she was on probation for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

Apparently Miller has said she was sorry to the police. God help her. Because when people start using God as an excuse to why they do bad things, we can end up with something really, really tragic.

Do you think Melissa Miller needs psychiatric help?


Image via Ana Patricia Almeida/Flickr
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