Teen's Cellphone Video Allegedly Reveals His Chilling Plan to Destroy His School

iPhoneCellphone video from 2011 of a Tampa, Florida teenager, Jared Cano, outlining his plot to kill teachers and students at Freedom High School with bombs, was just released by prosecutors offers a frightening view into the mind of a would-be bomber.

Seventeen at the time, he wrote a manifesto that detailed his plans for an attack in August 2011 on the first day of school. Police arrived at his mother’s home to arrest the teen. They recovered bomb-making material, weapons, and the manifesto.


Fortunately, Cano never got the chance to go through with his murderous plan because a friend tipped off police and he was arrested. He’s been in jail since August 2011 and will be sentenced on December 5, after pleading no contest to two charges. His attorney has hopes of getting time served.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure that this kid should be unleashed on the world. I know we all have a little bit of teen angst in those hormonal years and we blow things out of proportion, but this kid literally wanted to blow shit up. He wanted to kill students and teachers just because they made him mad. He had a tantrum of the murderous kind.

Since he didn’t actually kill anyone and he didn’t contest the charges, seems he is being a good boy. I’m not saying people can’t change who they are, but did you see the video? I think letting this kid out is a bad choice. What if he gets out without being rehabilitated and decides to blow up the next place that hurts his feelings?

Do you think this kid should be allowed out of jail with time served?


Image via William Hook/Flickr

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