Pregnant Woman Tasers Her Own Mom So She Can Steal Her Engagement Ring

Ah, kids. You never quite know what you're gonna get, I tell ya. You carry 'em for nine months, you push 'em through a vayjay that's not quite comfortably up for the task, you breastfeed 'em, you get 'em walking and talking, and for some mothers, this is where the trouble starts. One mom in Chicago must seriously be rethinking her decision to ever have her daughter, who is accused of Tasering her 15 times so she and an accomplice could steal her engagement ring, cash, and credit cards. Oh, and did I mention the daughter is pregnant? Something tells me this is one family that won't have a happy holiday together.


Pregnant Julie Franck allegedly donned a ski mask, and then she and an accomplice stun gunned her mom repeatedly outside of her home. They then reportedly took off with her 3.5-carat engagement ring and $200 in cash.

A witness was apparently able to pull off Julie's mask before the pair fled in a car. Busted! The mother was treated at the hospital for her injuries and the expectant daughter was arrested for armed robbery.

You gotta wonder what brought Julie to this path in life that she'd stun gun and rob her own mother. There are really no excuses here. I don't care if her mom wasn't mother of the year. Was Julie a drug addict? Does she have mental issues? Is she just a sociopath? Who knows. Robbing your own mom is just the lowest of the low. This woman carried you into the world!

Unfortunately, Julie's mother will probably be looked at askance and possibly even blamed for this crime by some people. No one wants to believe that you can be a good mom, or even just an average one, and somehow have your kid turn out like this. Nah, mom must have done something!

But the truth is there are crappy people in the world who will use any opportunity to get what they want. And Julie and her accomplice must have known mom's routine and her assets. Sickening. To think that Julie is herself a mother now too -- you have to wonder what exactly is going to happen to this child. Ugh, what a nightmare. If you ever get irritated with your kids, just think about how much worse some moms have it.

Do you blame the mom for any of this?


Image via Chicago Police Dept.

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