Woman Allegedly Kidnaps Baby in Crazy Plot, Then Throws the Poor Thing Away

T'Keyah WilliamsAnother fake pregnancy. Another woman accused of stealing an innocent baby. Each time these incidents crop up in the news, the details are sure to be crazy. But the reason Chicago police say T'Keyah Williams stole a friend's 1-month-old isn't typical.

Sure, she allegedly faked a pregnancy. Sure, she is said to have told friends she delivered a baby. But this wasn't a woman desperate to have a child.


According to Chicago cops, Williams' boyfriend had recently been arrested and charged with felony drug possession. With her guy facing a bond hearing, the misguided woman thought a judge would go easy on him if he had a newborn at home. So cops say Williams stole the 1-month-old girl while a relative slept, then abandoned her in the freezing cold of a Chicago winter among bags of garbage when she realized her plan wouldn't work out

Sounds like a match made in heaven, huh? They can wear matching handcuffs and frame their mugshots over their beds.


I almost feel badly for women who kidnap babies because they desperately want to be mothers. Almost. At least their desperation is driven by a desire to love and comfort. Clearly they make the wrong decisions in opting for abduction instead of adoption, and they belong in jail. But still, as a mother who remembers what it was like to "want" a baby before getting pregnant, I can at least sympathize.

What Williams is charged with, on the other hand, takes sick and dials it up to depraved. If she did what cops are saying -- Williams has none of the compassion she expected that judge to show. If she did it, she is a psychopath in every sense of the word.

The baby girl was rescued by police, and she seems to be fine. Williams, on the other hand, is facing charges of aggravated kidnapping and endangering the life and health of a child.

Do you look at this woman differently than you would a woman who stole a baby because she wanted to be a mom, or are they the same kind of monster?


Image via Chicago Police

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