Woman Drives on Airport Runway Taking Child in Her Backseat on Wild Ride

Phoenix airport runwayEver notice that the way you feel about a crime changes completely when you hear there was a child involved? Here, let's test this theory out. Cops at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix say a woman drove right onto the airport runway, crashing right through the gates in her car.

Awful, right? She sounds like a loon? Well, let's add this to the charges. Cops say she had a small child in the backseat.


That got your dander up, didn't it?

Right now cops won't say if the woman, who they say might have been driving while impaired when she maneuvered her car through the gates at the Phoenix airport, was related to the child or not. It could have been a mom, a babysitter, who knows. But the fact still stands that an innocent child's life was put at serious risk because an adult acted recklessly. As if it wasn't bad enough that she risked the lives of countless airline staff and passengers, throw that in there, and you have the kind of person who even other criminals hate.

You've heard the rumor that child molesters are at the highest risk of inmate violence in prison? It's true. Even among people who have little regard for the law, there remains an understanding that children are special somehow. They're pure and innocent. There's plenty of time for life to screw them up later.

I can't say I like living in a world where people are reckless enough to get liquored up and drive onto airport runways. But I do feel better knowing that people are still outraged by crimes against kids.

Good news here is this child is OK, and the woman who cops say did this is headed to jail.

Did my theory hold? Do you find crimes more upsetting when there's a child involved?


Image via Wallulla Junction/Flickr

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