Woman Killed by Ex-Boyfriend in Walmart Parking Lot Was a Preventable Tragedy

charles finketsherOn Saturday, Michelle Hahn, 46, was murdered while loading her car with groceries in a Walmart parking lot. The Louisville, Kentucky resident was allegedly shot dead by ex-boyfriend Charles Fickentsher, the man she'd dated for three months, then dumped about a month ago. Fickentsher took off after the shooting and drove three miles to a nearby park, where he then shot and killed himself. Michelle's husband died three years ago of cancer, and they had two sons together.

I hope that there are some loving grandparents or family members who can take her boys in, and as for Charles Fickentsher, well, I hope he rots in hell. This guy had a history of domestic violence, and yet he was free, on the loose, to date and eventually kill his alleged final victim. Just listen to this guy's rap sheet.


A slew of charges from stalking to menacing to violating Emergency Protective Orders have been placed against Fickentsher from 1995 to 2004. In all, The Huffington Post reports that he's been charged with stalking 10 times over the last 20 years.

Most recently in 2004, his then girlfriend had a domestic violence order against him and had to call the police when he followed her and a friend into another Walmart in Kentucky.

To say this guy has a pattern of illegal behavior toward women is an understatement. It's just shocking that someone with this kind of history hasn't served any time in jail (that I could find evidence of) nor wasn't under any sort of probation (again, that I could find). Wasn't it only a matter of time before he killed someone?

Each person has a responsibility to know who they're dating, but our justice system also has a responsibility to hold criminals accountable. Perhaps had Fickentsher been taught a lesson back when he was just a young buck 20-something engaging in domestic violence, things would've turned out differently for Michelle. Instead, he was able to routinely harass, menace, and stalk women until he finally pulled the trigger.

Just horrible.

What do you think?


Photo via Kentucky Court System

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