Religious Leader Suspected in Murder Plot Against His Own Wife

bethany deaton

Originally believed to be a suicide, Bethany Deaton's death may actually be a part of one of the most sinister murder plots I've ever heard. Prosecutors say the young, pretty nurse's husband ordered another man to make it look like a suicide after they raped her on camera.

According to Kansas City, Missouri police, Bible student Micah Moore confessed to killing Bethany allegedly at the request of her husband, Tyler Deaton. But that's not all. Believe it or not, the story gets worse.


Her body was found in the back seat of a van with a bag over her head, a bottle of pills, and a note. The men reportedly committed the crime to prevent her from telling her therapist that they, along a with handful of others belonging to a spiritual group, had been raping her regularly.

Deaton, a student at the International House of Prayer University, was allegedly the spiritual leader of this "community" of men. In a statement, the school revealed:

Since Bethany’s death it has come to light that over 5 years ago, both she and Mr. Moore joined an independent, close-knit, religious group in Georgetown, Texas. This religious group of fewer than 20 people was led by Tyler Deaton. They relocated to Kansas City over the last few years and operated under a veil of secrecy.

This group has always operated independently of the university and it is important to all of us that this group’s secrecy and disturbing religious practices are fully exposed.

Mr. Deaton led his religious group entirely independently from IHOPU, though he and some of his members were enrolled in our university.

Bizarre doesn't even begin to explain this sordid crime. I can only imagine what that poor woman went through. It sounds as though her life was sheer madness. I know these kinds of strange cases aren't exactly new. People have an astounding capacity for cruelty, but a part of me is always a little taken aback when it involves a religious community. Which, I suppose, doesn't make any sense when you consider so many of the world's wars -- historical and present day -- were sparked by religious differences.

Still, I can't help but feel shocked when I hear of people who consider themselves religious or "of God" committing such horrific crimes. It just seems to go against everything they are being taught -- no matter what religion it is. Well, if this group is guilty of what Micah Moore has confessed, it's clear that they are a sick bunch who deserves to be severely punished.

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