Hope Solo's Fiance's Domestic Violence Arrest Should Send Her Running for the Hills

Hope SoloMost people had no idea that she was engaged, but the cat's out of the bag now that Hope Solo's fiance, Jerramy Stevens, was released from jail after being arrested for fourth-degree assault.

Yes, Hope Solo has a fiance, and yes, they were planning to get married yesterday -- after dating for a mere couple of months. Ok, so who the heck is Jerramy Stevens? Turns out Hope must dig athletes, because Jerramy is a former football player for the Washington Huskies.

As to what led to his arrest, well -- apparently there was a huge party that took place in the wee hours of the morning on Monday, and things got a little out of hand (to say the least).


Hope's older brother, Marcus Solo, was also in attendance at the party and supposedly had to fight off a group of uninvited guests with a stun gun. He wound up bloodied and bruised, and called the police.

After the officers arrived, Hope came out of the house and had a visible laceration on her elbow and was also bloody -- and drunk. She reportedly screamed, "Don't say anything to them, Marcus."

Jerramy Stevens was then found "sleeping" on the floor in an upstairs bedroom next to the bed. He had blood on his cheek and shirt, but wouldn't disclose how it got there. And while he said he knew nothing about what went down between Marcus and the uninvited party-goers, he did admit that he and Hope had been arguing over where they were going to live after they tied the knot.

And after hearing conflicting accounts of the night's events from Marcus, Jerramy, and Hope -- officers concluded their stories didn't add up, and they arrested Stevens for fourth-degree assault.

Long story short, he's now been released due to lack of evidence, and so far, there's no word on whether or not he and Hope are still headed to the altar.

Um, hello? Shouldn't this incident send up a huge red flag for Hope and send her running for the border instead of getting hitched to this dude?

And if whatever sort of altercation went down at this party isn't enough to convince her to return her engagement ring and get the hell outta dodge, then Stevens' history of trouble with the law should be more than enough to do the trick.

Back in high school, he had drug and assault arrests. And in college? He was busted for a hit-and-run after running his vehicle into a nursing home. Oh, and he was also accused of sexual assault on a sorority member.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg -- because Stevens was also convicted for drunk driving in 2007, and got busted for marijuana possession in 2010.

He's a real gem of a guy, all right. (And we thought Hope's Dancing With the Stars drama was bad.)

Do you think Hope Solo is crazy to marry this guy?


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