Mom Reportedly Uses ‘Baby Shield’ to Try to Get Out of Going to Jail

shanika mathieuLet me ask you something: If you got caught by police for stealing a pair of baby shoes, would you A) apologize and fork them over; B) run like hell; or C) use your 1-year-old son as a "human shield", pleading with police not to arrest you? If you answer A or B, your name is not Shanika Mathieu. Shanika allegedly was C all the way.

I know, I agree, some people just really aren't cut out for parenthood.


According to Port St. Lucie, Florida cops, here's what happened: Shanika was busted for allegedly stealing a pair of $34 baby shoes from a Bealls store on Friday. When she was taken to the loss prevention office, she reportedly got on her knees, screaming and crying for the officers not to arrest her, all the while using her baby as a "human shield." After the incident, she was charged with cruelty toward a child, larceny, battery, and shoplifting.

Ummm, what the hell, you guys? Complete insanity of using your child as a human shield aside, am I the only person who thinks this reaction is a bit ... dramatic? I mean, sheesh, if Shanika would have just cooperated with the cops (or, yes, never allegedly stole in the first place), she could have avoided a few charges there. Christ, it's not like she murdered a sales clerk. Makes you wonder what else is going on.

After Shanika was whisked off to jail, another caregiver arrived and took custody of her son. And that's probably a good thing. No baby should ever be used as a human shield. (They don't teach that in parenting classes, so this one's on me, guys. You're welcome.)

What do you think of this?


Image via Port St. Lucie Sherrif's Office

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