Woman Allegedly Runs Over Husband for 'Helping' to Re-Elect President Obama

woman ran over husband over electionHolly Solomon is allegedly really upset that President Barack Obama won his bid for re-election. She is so upset that, according to police, the pregnant 28-year-old from Arizona RAN OVER HER HUSBAND with an SUV because he didn't vote. Wow. ALL the psychos are crawling out of the woodwork on this one.

Solomon is looking at a whole lot of prison time and her poor husband is looking at a whole lot of recovery time (he is in critical condition) all because his wife allegedly has poor impulse control and is clearly a moron, too. Solomon may be sad to learn that even had her husband voted, the results would have been the same because a) Obama won by WAY more than one vote, and b) Arizona went to candidate Mitt Romney anyway.

Look, it's great that this psycho wants us to all celebrate our American pride and get to the polls. It's our civic duty! But, um, could you learn a little bit about history and our country before you put the pedal to the metal?


Those of us on the left get it. You're disappointed your candidate lost and that is too bad. It's never fun to be on the losing end of a campaign, especially when you believed in the change. But here's what: This IS democracy. This is how it works. So all this talk of secession and overt racism and RUNNING HUSBANDS OVER LIKE DOGS only makes people look like fools.

If they EVER want any chance of winning, the Republican right is going to have to work on appearing a lot more sane.

This is how elections work. In 2000 and 2004, I was upset. All my friends were upset. We cried. We raged (among one another). We complained that the rest of the country was clearly moronic. But then, the next morning, we moved on. We got back to our lives, and you know what? I am here, 12 years later, doing far better in my career. My husband and I both finished graduate school, had children, advanced in our careers, quadrupled our salaries, and bought houses.

It's not that bad. Even if you loathe Obama, it's your own damn fault if you can't manage to make something of your life.

No candidate or president can keep you from having a happy life. It just shouldn't affect us THAT much. So cry, get upset, and beat your fists, but do it in the privacy of your own home. Then compose yourself, learn a bit about history (see there's this THING now called the electoral college that means your one vote can only swing your state, not the whole election), and set about making YOUR life better. Jeesh.

Why do you think people are overreacting so much to this election?

Image via Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_on_10th_OCT/Flickr

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