Mom Arrested for ‘Kids Smoking Pot’ Photos That Were Basically the Opposite of Cute (VIDEO)

baby and weedUs moms. We're cuckoo for photo-ops, aren't we? We'll do almost anything to get an adorable picture of our little ones. But one photo that ought to be skipped over is the "Baby and Child Smoking Weed" one. Unless, of course, you want your kids taken away from you. And you like being arrested. Two Kentucky women -- mom Tracy Hensley and grandma Beth Hensley -- were recently arrested and charged for cultivating and trafficking marijuana when a film developer called police after he emerged from his darkroom, photos of kids "holding marijuana" and "marijuana joints rolled up ... attempting to smoke them" allegedly in his clenched hands.

I know, I can't believe anyone uses film anymore either.


Apparently, while the photos were being developed, someone called up and asked to cancel the order. But alas, it was too late. (Ya burnt, ladies!) Police got their hands on the memories evidence, and, well, the rest is history.

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Really, guys? Really? You're really going to (allegedly) take photos of your children -- and baby! -- with marijuana? What is wrong with you? I get that some moms out there have more common sense, and safety precautions, than others, but, if this is true, this takes the (idiotic) cake.

In some ways, though, this is a good thing. I mean, they got caught doing some they shouldn't have been doing -- even if it was in the privacy of their own home. If they didn't (allegedly) document this foolish event via 1950s film, none would be the wiser. So, at the end of the day, their failure to join the rest of the 21st century is for the best. And hey, they supported a dying business to boot. 

Can you believe this insanity?



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