'50 Shades of Grey' Drives Woman to Divorce Husband Because He's Not a Make-Believe Sex Maniac

handcuffIt's heated up their bedroom lives, turned their innermost fantasies into realities, and taught plenty of women to be more comfortable with their sexuality, and now Fifty Shades of Grey has driven one woman to divorce her husband.

Yep -- a banker from England purchased the book last year in the hopes of making her bedroom life a little bit more (ahem) exciting, but her husband wasn't exactly into being adventurous. And when he refused to engage in a little role playing and give her a sexy Christian Grey experience -- she decided it was time to file for divorce. The case is currently going through the High Court, and she cited "unreasonable behavior" as grounds for the divorce.


Apparently when she told her husband about wanting to kick things up a notch, he became irate and said, "It's all because you have been reading that bloody book." (Wow. You'd think most dudes would jump at the chance to act out a Fifty Shades-style fantasy.)

And while I'm sure there's more to this story than meets the eye, it sounds like this woman fell into the same trap that many of us do when we read books or watch romantic movies. We buy into the illusion of perfection in the story and immediately feel like our own marriages can't measure up -- and never will.

C'mon, how many times have you watched The Notebook and cried your eyes out at the end, and then turned to gaze adoringly into your husband's eyes -- only to find him fast asleep on the couch with a few popcorn kernels scattered on his shirt? And then you cried even harder because you felt like the romance in your life was gone forever and you'd never have a love story like Noah and Allie? (Trust me, we've all been there.)

There are plenty of good reasons to get divorced, but if you're thinking of leaving your husband because of some ideal in a book or film that you're trying to live up to, you may want to think twice before packing your bags. You know the whole "grass is always greener" thing? Yeah, well it's a hell of a lot greener in the movies and in the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey than it will ever be with anyone in real life. (Sad, but true.)

Do you fall into the book/movie trap? And do you think this woman has valid grounds for divorce?


Image via Jason Clapp/Flickr

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