Dad Bound Baby With Tape as a 'Joke' But May Get Some Serious Time

Andre CurryA judge sent a strong message to parents who think it's OK to abuse their kids in the name of joking around this week. Andre Curry, the dad who wrapped his 1-year-old daughter in painter's tape last year, then posted photos of her to Facebook, has been convicted of domestic battery. His "joke" could cost him as much as seven years in an Illinois prison.

Is that too much for a joke? I don't think so. At least not when the joke isn't very funny.


In addition to the photos, Curry posted a comment on the social media site stating, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back." Fortunately someone didn't think it was as funny as he did, because he was reported to the authorities. They found that some of the blue adhesive tape -- which was placed on the girl's mouth, ankles, and hands -- obstructed her nose.

Curry's sister says the little girl was laughing the whole time. Maybe it's true. But does that make it OK to put a child's life in danger? Does it excuse the fact that this father used his little girl as a prop in a dangerous game?

Allow me to take you back to kindergarten for a moment, where we all learned that people are not things. People are, well, they're people. They have feelings, retain memories. They aren't easily "fixed" when damaged.

I think this Dad got lucky here. His little girl survived what could have been seriously dangerous. Imagine if she'd stopped breathing because of that obstruction?

Andre could get something as simple as probation or the seven years in prison. What do you think is appropriate here?


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