Facebook Page Supporting Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Gets Bombarded by Insults

Krim familyThe Krim family murders of 6-year-old Lucia and 2-year-old Leo is one of the most haunting cases in recent memory. There has been an enormous outpouring of support for the grieving parents, Marina and Kevin Krim. Now the nanny who has been charged with this murder is also receiving support.

The "Support Innocence of Nanny Yoselyn Ortega" is a Facebook page full of support for the nanny who has been accused of stabbing these two babies to death. It's also full of hate. With only 20 "likes," the page has a long way to go before it reaches the 5,300 "likes" on the Lucia and Leo Krim Memorial page. Of course, it's not a popularity contest. It's a question of right and wrong. The Ortega support page has rubbed many people the wrong way. For good reason.

They are peddling a horrifying theory that the nanny was having an affair with Kevin Krim and that Marina Krim killed the children to get back at her husband. It's truly awful.


Luckily, most people don't believe it. Comments on the page range form disgusted to furious. See some below:

This is a disgusting site and you should be ashamed. TWO CHILDREN ARE DEAD. What she did is beyond evil and you want to say she is innocent? Perhaps, if you believe she is innocent, you should leave your children with her. No? Really? Why not.

No way..... So someone just happened to walk in, kill the kids and then leave???? And she cut herself bc she was made about working extra??? NOT BUYING IT!!!!! She stabbed those kids in a fury then went after herself!!!!! HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU EVEN THINK SHE IS INNOCENT?????? How????????? Who killed those babies and put them in the tub???????

She admitted she killed them. If this page was set up to get support for this woman, you are out of your damn mind! This woman obviously had mental problems and she murdered two babies in cold blood. Too bad she did not succeed in killing herself quite honestly. Hopefully you are just a delusional family member who truly believes this lady is innocent and not one of the usual sickos who troll the internet and do stuff like this to get your jollies!

I must tell you, I "liked" this site, only so word would get out that this page exsists. In the risk of "offending" you (who created this page) I honestly cannot "support the innocence" of this nanny. I have been keeping up with the entire situation, and There is NO way on Gods green earth that monster is innocent. Your page is a joke and all the far fetched accusations toward the victims family is pure hate. Im shocked you thought this was a good idea, what kind of response did you expect?

I am as horrified, disgusted, and obsessed with this crime as anyone else. I also believe that the story we know from the news is likely what happened in that bathroom. But the fact is we don't know. I would never join any Yoselyn Ortega fan club and I do believe she likely did what she is charged with doing. But I also believe people have their right to a day in court.

No one can say with certainty what actually happened. But 99.9 percent of people assume Ortega is guilty. Maybe she is. Maybe she "snapped" out of anger over being asked to clean the house, but she still deserves her day in court.

Hate her after she is found guilty by all means, but don't turn this into another Casey Anthony case. Let's try to let the justice system work. The Krim family has faced an enormous tragedy and the person who committed this crime must pay. If we all jump the gun and assume guilt and hate Ortega, we aren't helping justice happen.

The best thing possible is for this case to run its course and SOMEONE to pay for these crimes. That can't happen when the court of public opinion has already executed the woman. I know I am guilty of it, too. I have thought some pretty angry thoughts about Ortega myself. But, the fact is we weren't there. We don't know. And for the sake of everyone involved, we need to refrain from loud proclamations of guilt or innocence until this trial can commence.

Do you think it's OK to bash Ortega?


Image via Tex Texin/Flickr

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