Woman Who Shot Would-Be Rapist Dead Shows Us How It Should Be Done

gunA 35-year-old woman says she shot and killed a man, 33-year-old Lawrence Sandoval, after he allegedly followed her home from the gas station, forced his way into her home, and held her at knife point insisting that she undress. The woman told authorities that after Sandoval put the knife under her chin, she reached under her pillow, grabbed her loaded gun, and shot Sandoval. I say, GO GIRL!


She ran out of the house and called 911. Now, that’s a smart cookie. No hanging around to find out if he was dead or alive.

Officials say Sandoval died at the scene. No charges have been filed. The end. If this is really how it all went down, it sounds pretty perfect to me.

Hell yeah, if some asshole decides that it’s okay to follow a woman home, just because he likes what he sees, and then force himself on her, the very least he deserves is to be shot dead. This is just another symptom of men thinking women are less than equal human beings.

We are not property. We are not put on earth solely for a man’s pleasure. So when you come at us to take what you want without asking permission, or by force, be prepared for the consequences. I guess now he knows what it feels like to be scared out of your mind while someone else holds your life in his or her hands.

I only wish he would have lived so he could have gone to jail and been raped himself.

What do you think, was she justified in killing her attacker or should she have just fled?

Image via Westside Shooter/Flickr

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