Dad Throws Baby Off 40-Foot Bridge But Baby Miraculously Survives!

bridgeIt's official. People have gone crazy and the world has gone to hell in a hand-basket. Nice knowing everyone. See you on the other side. First, we have Hurricane Sandy, then we have a raging nor'easter in the beginning of November, and now a man allegedly threw his 7-month-old son off a bridge because he was in a fight with his wife. Thankfully -- and miraculously -- the baby survived the 40-foot drop, but WTF is going on? Who does that? When did people start trying to kill or injure their children because they're pissed at their spouse?


The incident took place in Pimpri, India, and the man, 29-year-old Datta Deshmukh, was reportedly mad at his second wife (he has two) because she was saying that he wasn't treating the 7-year-old son he has with his first wife properly. So, what did he do? Threw the son of his second wife off a bridge? Yes, I realize the details of this are confusing, but we can all agree that this is not okay, right?

Apparently, after Deshmukh threw the baby, an "angry crowd" descended upon him and "beat him up." Police got a hold of the alleged suspect and are charging him with "attempt to murder."

I'm not a professional here, so I'm not sure what the psychology is behind harming, or attempting to harm, a child when two parents are arguing with one another, but I do know that it's wrong, and no good will ever come from something like this. This is an awful trend that needs to die hard and swiftly. 

The argument was between Deshmukh and his wife. Not the child. The child, who again, is 7 months old, had nothing to do with this; and the fact that this poor little baby was tossed from a bridge is beyond words. Thank god this sweet little boy is okay, and let's all hope -- naively -- that a tragic event like this never occurs again.

How awful is it when parents hurt their children because of anger they have towards one another?

Image via spakattacks/Flickr

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