Judge Beats Special Needs Daughter But Texas Lets Him Work in Family Court Anyway (VIDEO)

Judge William AdamsWith all the sturm and drang over the election this week, it seems officials in Texas thought they'd get away with reinstating Judge William Adams to the bench. What? Name's not familiar? You may remember him as the judge who was caught on video beating his special needs daughter while screaming and cursing at her?

This time a year ago Judge Adams' face was all over the news, and so was the video, captured by Adams' daughter Hillary (who has cerebral palsy) on her computer when she was 16. It shocked Americans enough that Adams was chased off the bench in Aransas County. But now Texas officials have decided he's the right man to adjudicate family court cases. Justice may not be blind, but it sounds like the officials in the Texas Supreme Court are.


The court approved an agreement this week between the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct and Adams. He gets a warning in exchange for agreeing to waive his right to appeal the warning. That's it. A warning.

Granted, he can't be charged -- Hillary waited several years to release the video, which meant time had run out on filing charges. You can't exactly blame her. She was just a kid living under her father's abusive rule when she captured the imagery. When she uploaded it to YouTube, she was an adult who could more easily escape his wrath.

But even without an actual felony on his record, we still have video. We still have a taint on Judge William Adams' record. We still have to wonder why this crappy dad gets to pass judgment on other parents' parenting in a court of law.

They really think Adams is the right man to oversee cases where parents are accused of abusing their kids? What happened to the integrity of the bench?

Judges aren't picked willy nilly. They're supposed to be people who have an extreme amount of respect for the law. They're supposed to be people who can mete out an appropriate amount of compassion for humanity along with their dose of legalese.

There's no place in a courtroom for judges who believe themselves above the law. There's certainly no place in family court for a guy who does what Judge Adams did in that video (warning, there is foul language ... this is not safe for work):

What do you think of Judge Adams' reinstatement to the bench?


Image via Aransas County

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