Photo of Tattooed Body Parts Released in Hopes of Catching Woman’s Killer

tattooContractors made a gruesome discovery beneath the streets of a Detroit suburb. Workers found lumps of tattooed flesh in the sewer.

No head, no body -- just discarded pieces of skinned marked with an intricate design. Now police are trying to ID who this victim may have been and hope releasing the frightening, puzzle piece-like photos will help them solve this mystery once and for all.


The remains were found as the contractors cleared debris from pipes 50 feet below a busy road. In total, 10 body parts were collected. Said Lieutenant Luke Riley:

They were not skeletal. Exactly what they are I can't tell you at this point, but from the description of what they are they definitely appear to be human and they don't appear to have been there a tremendously long time.

They believe the pieces may have floated to that location rather than being placed there. Based on the blurring, tattoo experts said that the ink is between 15 to 20 years old. Police also say the victim appears to be a plump, Caucasian woman, which was ultimately determined through DNA testing. That is all they know so far, but officials say the DNA results will be put through state and federal databases.

I can’t imagine being the person who will see these grisly photos of tattooed body parts and actually recognize them. It is an absolutely frightening thought, but also the best chance this poor woman has of getting justice. As awful as it will be, I hope someone can identify her and help the cops catch her killer and close this case.

Are you surprised the police released such disturbing photos?


Image via Sterling Heights Police Department

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